21 Nov 2010

DIY Sewing Machine Cover (18 Nov 2010)

Annie, a lovely Thai girl who also happens to be the Treasurer for BAMBI lent me a stack of crafting books when I last met her. We were meeting to discuss a project to garner more income for charities. Our first idea – out of a list of many, was to produce a birthday calendar to be sold at future BAMBI events. She is a fantastic designer (see her blog ‘Thainie Creations‘ to read about her latest finds around Bangkok) was kind enough to volunteer her services for free in the name of helping the needy. Not only lovely but generous hearted too.

One of the books she lent me was titled ‘One-Yard Wonders‘ by Yoker & Hoskins. It’s a delicious book filled with 100 little projects that you could do within a very short span of time. On the ‘immediate gratification’ scale it’s somewhere above 7! I found myself with some time to spare last night after putting the two kids to bed and decided to sew my beloved Janome 415 sewing machine a cosy little house dress to get warm in.

So easy to do, and such a pleasure I got doing it. Have a look!

p.s. And yes, it turned out to be a tad short. Like a school girl with a skirt so short you could almost see her knickers.

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