29 Nov 2010

An Asian Slant to Christmas.

We don’t celebrate Christmas because we’re Muslims and Eid’s our festival. But how does one resist the incredibly gorgeous curios sold during this beautiful season? One may sit on the idea of buying. Attempt sleeping it off. But at the end enjoy the sweet surrender of buying that exquisite item that’s got a clutch on one’s unresisting heart. And so last Sunday I surrendered and indulged in buying these lovely intricate iron lanterns. They will look gorgeous lighted up and a nice addition to the ‘Garden Christmas’ I tend to organize for our condominium community.

Unfortunately neither could I resist buying the mosquito coil cases for our balconies. Sigh. Can’t wait for the renovations to be finished so I can finally have the home I’ve dreamed of.

p.s. The pictures were taken at home. Close-up because our condo is in a darn mess! And oh I almost forgot, these lovely lanterns are available at Central, Chit Lom and Central, Bang Na. Thailand of course.

(Large lantern THB 1,950, Medium THB 1,350, Iron Mosquito Cases THB 550)

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